How to order JESUS Film Prayer Bug Stickers

To order JESUS Film prayer bug stickers, please contact Woody Johnston from Harvest Graphics  (Phone: 913-956-3906   Email: ). This printer representative will provide cost of printing and shipping based on the quantity needed.

Please note:
Harvest Graphics, LLC is a third party vendor that has been serving JFHP with their printing needs for over 8 years. Harvest Graphics, LLC is not an affiliate of JESUS Film Harvest Partners but is an independent Kansas City based printer.

Price of stickers is based on current market prices for materials and shipping; minimum order of 1,000 stickers required.  Stickers will not be printed or shipped until payment has been received by Harvest Graphics (COD- collect on delivery).

Purchase of these stickers will be directly through Harvest Graphics and will not be considered charitable contribution to JESUS Film Harvest Partners.



To download the Prayer Bug Flyer

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